The Worm Encroaches (Time)

Here I sit
Alone and moping
Barely awake
Not quite coping

Life seems pressing
Never ceasing
Constant movement
Always pleasing

Day and night
The clock ticks on
Midnight, daylight
Dusk till dawn

In this insanity
Presents a fight
My heart, she’s torn,
Between dark and light

Because in time
If Gods word is not read
I deprive myself
Of his living bread

That’s when the worm
Encroaches my brain
Making me feel sad,
Alone, and lame

My life becomes grey,
Dull and devoid
An I lose all meaning
I’m simply employed

By the world for it’s agenda
And ugly schemes
I lose sight of God,
His plan and my dreams

But because my time
Is down and out
I’ve lost my will
To scream and shout

Timid actions are
What lie inside
The feeling like
I want to run and hide

Just to escape
For peace and quiet
But theres no where
I can run where I cant hear a riot

The riot for the world
And the destruction of man
The selfish intentions
So devious I can’t stand

And the constant ticking
Of all the clocks
Adding to the noise surrounding
It never stops

Just when I think my
Time has come
Someone grabs me
By my hitchhiking thumb

That I threw up to
Catch a ride
From the emptiness
I feel inside

And when I’m pulled up
The light is blinding
Full of joy
And grace abounding

For in the valley
God heard me cry
And filled my spirit
to make me fly

For I finally realized
To take time for Him
To block the sadness
And lies and sin

So this word of advice
Heed and do not shirk
Take time for Gods
Word, his love and work


Flashlight (Stored Away)


The storage units of my mind
Knowledge and memory I find kind
But dark are some that come to stay
And so they’ll get stored and hidden away
For the most part I dare not go
But when I’m down in sorrow and woe
I stumble back into those places
Where I see familiar faces
Of hate and sin both old and new
The life that most people never knew
This darkness it seems to swallow and scream
I can’t see light, is this a dream?
And so I cry and shout in pain
But not one can’t help with out getting slain
Then from bursting forth in Glorious day
Jesus Christ held no delay
He tore open the darkness and took me in
His light that shone and took my sin
And so he guides me out from that hole
Where darkness burrowed like the mole
Now with God I don’t have to fear
And though the darkness may leer
I love God with all my might
He is my savior, redeemer, and my Flashlight


My life should be an open book
Free for the public to come and look

To open the cover and read inside
Not full of lust, envy, or pride

But their are parts only few (if any) people know
Because I’m ashamed to let it show

The thoughts I keep far deep in my brain
I smile outside, but inside is pain

To keep these things all welled up inside
Feels like my soul has shriveled up and died

My temptations and faults stuck in my head
I wish they’d go, I wish them dead

Because my life was bought with a price
Sin no more should control my life

Why is it, then, I can’t let it go,
Doesn’t my heart these things know?

I must overcome the darkness and shame
And know that Jesus loves me the same

So my book I lay at the cross’ base
That’s when my God and I come face to face

He picks up the book and looks it once over
Then grabs his pen of crimson (not clover)

With swift hands and quick marks on the pages
He tears through the book with great fury and rages

When he’s done, he hands me it back
The cover now white, when before it was black

I open it expecting to see criticism and marks all in red
But not a mark to be found, and my thoughts turned dread

I just let God read my story
He held my garbage in all its glory

But as I looked over and read my book
I was shocked, dumbfounded, and surely mistook

For the things I regretted and held onto so tightly
My lust, pride, and horrible things done almost nightly

The disappeared, not a trace to be found
I fell to my knees and looked round on the ground

God lifted my chin and gave me a smile
He asked “What on earth are you looking for child?”

I looked in his eyes with an astonished gaze
“My sins and wants that controlled me seem to have vanished in a haze”

He gave me a hug and let out a content sigh
I buried my face in his chest and cried and cried

Now take a moment to read my book
It’s open and ready for the world to look

To see what God has done for me
Edited my Book and set me free


Life is changing so rapidly

Moving faster than my heart can see

Its destination unknown to me

But known by he who sees

All of my life and its impurties

The ticket he handed me only goes one way

But he told me to trust and so I stay

On this train with my luggage.

The destination is a mystery

And I know my past is ancient history

So on this train of life I sit

Waiting for my last little bit

Of lifes constant changes to hit.

And my destination to be reached.

Where ever I end up

I know he wanted me there

Because he’s the one who handed me my ticket

And he’s the one sitting next to me.

On this train of life

People come and people go

And so Ill always know

Ill never be alone on this windy



Comforting train trip of life

Temptations and Lies

My temptations wear a disguise...

My temptations wear a disguise…

Sometimes my temptations wear a disguise
And when I’m drunk with exhaust I don’t realize
So when I throw out self-control and compromise

When I compromise
I capitalize
On the lies
That the world ties
To happy lives

“Eat our Fries!”
Hate goodbyes
It’s ok to cheat and lie
Let her knock you out with those American thighs

Lose that weight
Go on a date
Accept your fate

“If your up honey don’t wait,
My work load’s expansive and I’ll be home late”
These are the lies the man tells his wife
“The affair,” the world says, “will spice up your life.”

But in the end this will grow old
His heart will grow heavy, hardened, and cold
Like the bottle of scotch he continues to hold

So is this our fate?
Alcoholism and a rising divorce rate?

These are the things that the world sells
Shiny gadgets with whistles and bells
Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll
Girls dancing upon a pole
None of this, contrary to popular belief, leads to a happy life
a good career or a loving wife

The world we live in is just a breath
And in the end will lead to death
This is where our compromise leads
Because the temptations we bear, we tend to feed

But break away now, it’s not too late
To kill the world, to change your fate
The Father loves and died for you
So lift the veil and see his view
The world now dead
I rest my head
Destroy my exhaust
Regain my thought

Sober and conscious
Temptations now exposed
Wearing tattered, disgusting, and ratted old clothes

My temptations revealed...

My temptations revealed…

I shudder to think that’s what I trusted
Full of hatred, lust and fear so disgusted

I now take the Lord’s hand
And walk the life for me he has planned

These struggles each day, they do still exist
But I think to give in and am afraid I’ll have missed
The love of a Father and the promise of true love
So I’ll keep my eyes on him and the things up above…